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Employment Support for Service Families

All of the services CivvyStreet provides are available to anyone within the Service community. If your partner is serving or has served, you can register and make use of the same tools available on CivvyStreet. The same is true if you are a working age dependent of someone who has served.

A comprehensive range of information and services on Transition, Learning, Employment and Work issues are available. These include the following:

Employment Support and Grants

CivvyStreet has details of the funding and support that is available to you. Featured among these is The Royal British Legion’s Employment Support Grant Scheme.

The grant aims to help individuals who are unemployed, at risk of redundancy or in financial need to develop skills and obtain qualifications that will help them get into long term employment with prospects in a civilian career.

There are also more details online of other schemes that are available to help with your career and training plans.

Click here to find out more.

Job Search and Vacancies

The CivvyStreet website has thousands of current vacancies, many from companies who actively seek to recruit staff from within the forces community. Jobs are regularly posted by leading employers from a range of industries, including British Gas, Iceland, and Indesit.

These jobs are updated daily, so no matter what career you have in mind, it is likely CivvyStreet will have details of a current vacancy that is suited to you.

Click here to view our current vacancies.

RBLI Life Works Families

LifeWorks Families is a free support service to help military spouses and partners get the job they want.

It is available to all spouses and partners of any serving (or recently discharged) member of the Armed Forces, including Reserves.

How LifeWorks Families Can Support You

The LifeWorks Families Team is able to provide employment support by phone, email and through courses. Online support will also be available in the near future.

Lifeworks Employability Coaches will lead you through an enjoyable programme of information, advice and guidance, taking into account your own situation and employment history.

Continued Support

Support is provided on an ongoing basis, so if you need help with anything, from writing your CV to preparing for an interview, the LifeWorks Families Team is here to help.

You will also have the opportunity to share your experiences with other military spouses and partners.

LifeWorks Families Courses

The Lifeworks Families course is designed around the often difficult circumstances of coping with existing family commitments and equips military spouses/partners with the skills and confidence to find employment and/or develop a career.

Delivered by Royal British Legion Industries, the courses take place in various locations around the UK, as well as abroad, and are free for all spouses and partners of serving personnel.

Click here to visit the RBLI LifeWorks Families website.


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