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At the OU students learn in their own time by reading course material, working on course activities, writing assignments and sometimes working with other students. They have support from a tutor and the student services staff at regional centres, as well as from centralised areas such as the Library or Open University Students Association. There is no campus and students work at a time and place to suit them, usually at home or in a library.

Most courses do not require previous qualifications. You have to be aged 18 when your course starts, but there is no upper age limit. Nearly all Open University students are studying part-time and about 70 per cent of undergraduate students are in full-time employment.

The OU provides students with:
• high quality teaching materials;
• locally-based learning support;
• first class research and scholarship;
• highly professional logistics to deliver and support courses.

To find out more about the Open University and the courses it has to offer you click the link on the bottom left hand side of the page.

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