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Work-based learning for disabled people

Help is available through Jobcentre Plus for disabled adults who are returning to work after a period of sickness or rehabilitation, or who face complex barriers to work.

Work-based learning for adults (WBLA) is normally for people over the age of 25 who have been out of work for six months or more. However, if someone has a disability, they are exempted from the six months requirement. WBLA can involve training for a specific job or work experience. People on WBLA receive an allowance equivalent to any benefit they are receiving plus a small weekly sum. They may also be eligible for travel and childcare expenses.

Work preparation is for people who have been out of work after a long period of sickness, rehabilitation or unemployment and involves work experience, confidence building and updating skills. Jobcentre Plus also offers two other programmes, The Work Programme for Disabled People and The Work Choice Programme, which helps disabled people move into employment by working closely with employers to ensure appropriate support is in place. To apply for the Jobcentre Plus programmes, disabled people need to see a disability employment advisor at their local Jobcentre Plus.

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