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Return to work skills

If you are thinking of returning to work, you may feel that things will have changed in the workplace or that your skills will be out of date. The good news is that help is out there. There are courses to help you return to work and careers advisors can help you decide how to move forward.

Returning to work after a period of absence, such as a period of illness, unemployment, or taking maternity leave can be a daunting prospect, regardless of whether you have been away from the workplace for six months or six years. In order to reduce the inevitable stress, it is worth doing everything you can to ensure you feel prepared.

A key concern on returning to work is dealing with how the skills and experience of their colleagues differs from their own, having taken time out from a working environment.

In some industry sectors, workplace trends can move quickly, with terminology and ways of working going in and out of fashion in a matter of months. This tends to be more prevalent in creative industries – like design and media – although it can also be true in corporate environments, such as investment banking.

Changing Trends in the Workplace

Even in sectors where trends do not move quite so fast, such as teaching, you will still find that you can feel left behind when you have been away from the workplace for a period of time. This is often because certain events have happened or changes have occurred in the infrastructure.

There are many ways to update your skills before returning to work many of which provide an opportunity to speak to people who understand the changing face of the workplace, so you can ask questions about current trends.


Within the Civvy Street site, there is a wealth of resource and support tools to support you on your journey towards sustainable employment in your chosen career by a range of support mechanisms:

  • CV Builder to develop an up-to-date CV
  • Wealth of information needed to assess careers paths and barriers to work
  • An online Information, Advice and Guidance team available for one-to-one advice
  • Funding for Vocational training schemes, which could possibly include a Return to Work programme
  • A range of interactive services to continue to develop your skills

Some of these services require you to register as they are only available through the registered Client Portal so if you haven’t done so already, register now.

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