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Professional Qualifications

In order to get a job or further your career in civilian life, you need to demonstrate that you have the skills to meet the requirements of the job that you are applying for. You will have developed a number of skills when in Service that may be transferable to your new career but you are unlikely to have a Professional Qualification that is recognised by a civilian employer.

Jobs in occupations like law, accountancy, teaching, medicine and aviation require a professional qualification which you will probably have to train to acquire. You can gain these by taking postgraduate vocational courses like the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) for teaching. You can take courses at a college or university, online by distance learning, or you may be able to join an in-house scheme with a larger employer where you can get your qualification while you work. You can also train with commercial training providers. The qualifications you will be eligible to take will depend on the type of qualifications you already have.

If you have professional qualifications that you gained during your military service, you may need to undertake some retraining to make them applicable to CivvyStreet.

You will need to decide on what job or career you wish to pursue and what qualifications are required to achieve it. You should them check out the Funding for Training section to look at the options as to how this can be afforded.

For information and advice on further courses of study, visit the links on this page.

Continuing your professional development is key to not only learning more but to staying up to date with current thinking in your chosen area of expertise.

Developing your management skills and knowledge often brings worthwhile benefits in job seeking and career development once established in your field.

There are many organisations and institutes who can work with you in this area especially in the management roles. Should you wish to expand your expertise as a consultant or as a professional manager, there are organisations who specialise in assisting ex-Service personnel during and after their transition into civilian life.

The Chartered Managers Institute CMI is one such organisation who work with ex-Service personnel, their website link is on this page

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