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FutureLearn is a social learning platform based in the UK that provides free, online courses from the world’s leading educators. These courses are created and taught by UK and international universities, alongside specialist education institutions and centres of research excellence from around the world. FutureLearn's high quality courses are accessible to anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world. FutureLearn courses will help with your transition to civvy street and are manageable to complete while working. Courses range from 2 to 10 weeks in duration and require 2 to 6 hours per week of work. 

The FutureLearn course experience centres on social interaction, whereby people learn by engaging in conversations around the learning material. FutureLearn is wholly owned by The Open University (UK), which has over 40 years of expertise in distance and online learning. For more information, visit

Discover New Interests and Engage with Learners Around the World - Take FutureLearn Courses Today!

All FutureLearn courses are free, but you can use your standard learning credit money and show off your learning accomplishments on your LinkedIn profile by purchasing Statements of Participation once completing courses.  



  • FutureLearn has over 400 free courses on topics such as:
    • Business, Management & Starting a Business 
    • Creative Arts & Media 
    • Health & Psycology 
    • History
    • Languages & Cultures 
    • Law
    • Literature
    • Nature & Environment
    • Online and Digital Courses
    • Politics & the Modern World
    • Science, Maths & Technology
    • Sport & Leisure
    • Teaching and Studying


FutureLearn’s mission is to pioneer the best social learning experience for everyone, anywhere.

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Case study - Army Engineer and FutureLearner!

“I’ve worked on anything from tanks to binoculars to watches to being part of an explosive bomb disposal repair section.”

Jonathan - Army Engineer

After 21 years, Jonathan, an electrical engineer, is in his last year of army service. He’s also taking his third FutureLearn course - he is on a mission to learn as much as he can about the world of digital and cyber security so he can improve his job prospects in this area.

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