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Funding for learning

Funding your education can seem like a big challenge, especially if you have a family. Though you may have to make some sacrifices in the short term, achieving your education goals will probably make you better off in the long term. This section has information on a range of grants and loans that you can take advantage of.

Below are some examples:

Career Development Loans: allow you to borrow between £300 and £10,000 for vocational (job-related) education or training. The interest rate is fixed, and you do not have to make payments until after your training is completed.

Educational Awards, Trust & Charity Grants, and Disabled Students' Allowances: are all covered in the Financial Support for adult learners section below.

Staff: the student support office in colleges and universities will be able to provide you with information on any financial support available to you.

Student Parents: can benefit from a variety of schemes, including crèche services, bursaries, access funds and more. Most of these funds are administered directly by the institution you'll be attending, so ask your institution's Welfare Advisor for help. The government provides funding information on its Student Support site.

Many Service and ex-Services charities and organisations: also offer financial assistance to eligible members of the Armed Forces and ex-Armed Forces community (which may also include family members) to support their education goals. For more information, visit the Funding Partners page.

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