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IMPORTANT NOTE: Civvy Street does not recommend or otherwise endorse the author of this article, but we thought our readers might be interested.

Myofascial treatment and cranial sacrum therapy are becoming very popular as Advanced Clinical Massage techniques.
Myofascial techniques can release both muscular and emotional knots. Surgical scars can be treated by this technique but traumatic experiences that are “stuck” within the body’s soft tissues can be released too.

Cranial sacrum therapy was founded by J Upledger, former Professor of Biomechanics at Michigan University, who believed that the brain has its own hydraulic system, which run through the brain and spinal cord to regulate the body’s own healing mechanism. Traumatic stress both in the body and mind can be detected by the irregularity of the rhythm and the therapy helps to revive the healing mechanism.

I believe that these techniques together will become a powerful tool in order to release the traumatic experiences suffered by veterans and I have set up a project to test this theory and am now looking for volunteers.

If you are suffering from PTSD such as a flashback, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and interested in taking a part of my project, please read on. Myofascial and craniosacral therapies are very gentle and totally non-evasive

About the research:
This research is for my dissertation project of my final year on BTEC 6 Advanced Clinical Sports Massage at Jing Advanced Massage Training. The supervisors of this project are, Rachel Fairweather and Megham Mari, both are the college directors and the authors of ‘Massage Fusion’. My tutor is Dr Bettina Kersten (exercise rehab specialist and sports science lecturer). I am a fully insured massage therapist and have a therapy room in Fulham in London.

I am looking for:
· Between 10 and 20 war veterans who are diagnosed as PTSD by a doctor.
· Participants who can come to my treatment room in Fulham in London every week for 6 weeks.
· Participants who can manage to climb up and down stairs by their own as I am on the first floor without any lift.
What you need to do:
· We meet up or talk over the phone first to take your details, explain more about the treatment and answer any questions.
· For the first 3 weeks you do no more than fill in questionnaires once a week
· Over the next 6 weeks, you receive one hour of myofascial and cranial sacrum therapy
· Finally, you fill in questionnaires the following month.

Data protection and Confidentiality
No names and details are mentioned, and the end results will be shown statistically.

· There is no cost except your travelling expenses to get to my treatment room.

If you are able to complete the whole 9 weeks project, I would like give you one hour treatment of your choice to thank you.
If you are interested in my project:
Please contact me on:077862 63858 or email:
My website:

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