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Fitness Equipment Engineer

Job Category:  Engineering
Salary Range: £25-35k
Location: South East (Shoreham by Sea)
Job Type: Permanent

JTX Fitness

Job Description

We are seeking an engineer to join our expanding fitness equipment business. Our current range at JTX Fitness includes treadmills, rowers, exercise bikes, vibration plates and cross trainers. We continually expand this range. Based at Shoreham Beach, we sell our high quality products online through Amazon and our own website.

We also have a business selling hoverboards and other battery powered transport devices through our company booma.

There are two parts to the role – technical and organisational:

The technical aspect includes:

Stripping down our machines to investigate and develop fixes for faults.

Instigating improvements in design and quality.

Providing input to our product development process.

Examining prototypes and determining suitability.

Working with our customer services to understand and diagnose any unusual issues and speaking with our customers and field engineers as required.

Analysing our technical database to determine areas for further investigation and improvement.

Maintaining and servicing the equipment in our showroom.

The organisational aspect includes:

Creating change requests to our factories based on your investigative work.

Following up these with the factories to ensure that they are followed through.

Managing our parts system including ordering, stores management and shipping to our field engineers.

Helping to manage our international supply chain.

Skills, Experience and Ability Required:

Hands on experience of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment.

An analytical approach to problem solving.

Good verbal and written communication skills.

Computer literate including spreadsheets.

A desire to continually improve our processes and procedures and then ensure that they are followed.

Good time management skills.

Given the size and weight of some of our machines then a good level of physical fitness is required, as is manual dexterity.

A UK driving licence.

How to apply for this job

You must be a registered member of Civvy Street to apply for this job vacancy.

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