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James Taylor

James joined the Armed Forces at 16 years old as a boy soldier and was an RLC Driver from 2004 to 2007, he had plans to join the Fire Brigade once leaving the Army but due to a serious motorbike accident he suffered from PTSD so these plans did not materialise.

After leaving the Army it took James 8 years of being in and out of employment doing little jobs which didn’t work out for him.

James then trained as a Personal Trainer but required additional support to help fund one year’s insurance and a uniform to get his employment started so he contacted The Royal British Legion who then advised him to contact CivvyStreet. The Gym had given him a deadline to get these and CivvyStreet sorted this in time and were really quick, and without this funding he says he would not have been able to start at the Gym and would have been really stuck.

James loves working as a Personal Trainer for Exercise4Less and his goal is to own his own Gym in 5 years time.

James said that he would definitely recommend CivvyStreet to his friends and colleagues to register and use the CivvyStreet services especially the funding scheme.

Published: 2017-03-07
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