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Michael Lamb

Michael served in the Armed Forces for 3 years and was attached to the REME workshops, vehicle recovery alongside 35 engineers but due to personal reasons had to end his contract.

Michael previously had completed a Welding Apprenticeship and then went into steel erecting and rigging and worked at this for more than 20 years before being made redundant due to the offshore industry becoming less stable, he had planned to use this qualification to secure employment when he left the forces but this did not lead to any employment.

Michael arranged an appointment with his local Citizens Advice Bureau as he decided he wanted to convert his offshore qualifications to onshore so he could gain the A40 Slinger/Signaller qualification to gain employment, Michael found out about CivvyStreet from his local Citizens Advice Bureau who advised him of the CivvyStreet services and the Employment Support Grant funding scheme.

Michael applied for the Employment Support Grant and was awarded funding to complete this course and has since gained the A40 qualification and this led him to secure employment within 3-4 weeks of finishing the course. Michael has said that he would definitely recommend the CivvyStreet services to his colleagues as without this funding he would not have been able to do the course and without the qualification he would still be unemployed, Michael is hoping to progress to the next level which would mean taking the A61 course for an Appointed Person, this would replicate his offshore qualifications and enable him to gain employment at a higher rate of pay.

Published: 2017-03-06
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