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Jamie Hanlon

Jamie joined the Junior Leaders in 1979 but he was discharged on compassionate grounds, he then joined the Royal Marine Reserves and then reapplied to the Army but due to a rugby accident breaking his leg which ended his Armed forces career. In 1981 he joined the Territorial Army with 245 Ambulance Squadron RCT learning all different trades. With the RCT he was deployed to Denmark for two annual camps. Jamie then decided he wanted to join a newly formed TA unit 94 Ordinance RAOC This is where he became a Sgt Jamie did several camps in Germany one staying in the Olympic stadium in Berlin. 94 Ordinance RAOC were disbanded in the early 1990’s and became Royal Logistic Corp this led to Jamie joining BUOTC Bristol University Officer Training Corp as an MT Sergeant.

Once this came to an end Jamie had to resign in order to be eligible for War Pension as he was not offered any resettlement and had no idea of what he would then do, he self funded an ADI course but failed the final examination. In 2002 Jamie was finally sent for a Private Hearing test. DWP told Jamie that he has 90% high tone hearing loss and was awarded the War Pension back dated.

Jamie then contacted the Plymouth Help for Heroes Recovery centre and they referred him to SAFFA who then advised of CS and the ESG scheme, and he applied for funding for an Access Auditing, Housing Standards Course, Designing for Dementia and the Equality Act 2010, for which he received recognition for doing the course. Jamie is now able to do Access Audit Reports. In order to progress to the next level NRAC he has to submit several reports to be scrutinised.

Jamie says that the way the advisor at CivvyStreet dealt with the understanding of Jamie’s disability was very good and she helped him to sort out a note taker in order for him to attend the course as he has to lip read and cannot take notes at the same time.

Since completing the course he has also completed a business course and is hoping to start another course to enhance his skills. He is now self-employed and looking forward to the future and has an auditing job come up advising of disability equipment centre. Jamie really enjoys helping people with disability’s and says he has found his vocation in life and enjoys helping people who are less fortunate than himself and wants to take this further as far as he can go. He is also hoping to stand for the Cornwall County Council for the elections in May this year and is also the Chair of Hearing Loss for Cornwall.

Jamie was already self-employed but without this funding he would not be able to be an Accreditor, which is the skill he requires. He also has a BA (Hons) Interior Design degree.

Jamie says he would definitely recommend to his friends and colleagues to register with CivvyStreet and to use our services and he is going to attend a H4H Group meeting and will be talking to them about CivvyStreet and inform them of our services.

Published: 2017-03-06
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