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Andrew Gledhill

Andrew joined the Royal Navy in 1998 as a direct entry clearance driver. After a year in training Andrew joined the HMS Chiddingford and served on ship for over 2 years, from here he joined Plymouth Bomb Disposal Unit (SDUI for just over 3 years. He then left in late 2003 to join his father in a Property Development Business.

Andrew’s plan was to work with his father once leaving the Armed Forces.

Andrew then enquired with a CPCS training provider for the costs of the Forward Tipping Dumper course who advised him that funding may be available to help him with the costs, they gave him a  phone number to get him started with his enquiries and he went on to contact several funding bodies who could not help and he was redirected to The Royal British Legion who then passed him through to CivvyStreet.

Andrew wanted to get away from the sales profession he was in as he was not enjoying it, and he wanted to get back to the construction profession he was in for several years as he really enjoyed this and wanted to go down the machine driving route and a good start would be to get the Forward Tipping Dumper ticket, it is also the cheapest ticket in the machine driving category C.

Andrew received funding and completed the course and passed with flying colours, getting 100% on his verbal test of 63 questions with no wrong answers and a faultless drive on his FTD driving test, it was the best pass mark they had seen for a long time.

Andrew says that CivvyStreet were very helpful all the way through they were always on the other end of the phone to answer any questions or queries or if he was calling for an update on his application progress,  the ladies in the office were always happy and helpful which was very nice. Obviously the best thing about CivvyStreet was getting the funding.

After Andrew got the qualification he visited a few sites and contacted a few agencies and got work within a couple of weeks on a building site with MJL Groundworks. Unfortunately this work has ended but he has something else in the pipeline with Greys Civil’s driving dumpers.

Andrew said that without this funding he would not have been able to gain this qualification or secure any employment, and he is so happy doing what he is doing now and compared to sales his salary has largely increased which means he can finally buy presents for his children for birthdays and Christmas which he has not been able to do for several years as his wages were just keeping him afloat.

Andrew would certainly advise his friends and colleagues to register with CivvyStreet and apply for funding and to use the services they offer, and says that CivvyStreet have helped him to practically changed his life for the better and he will be forever grateful.

Published: 2017-03-06
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