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Karl Lambie

Karl joined the Armed Forces in 2007 as a driver and served 3 months of basic training before being medically discharged, Karl then considered being a builder but due to the lack of employment he tried a few different jobs before deciding he wanted to drive Articulated Dumper Trucks.

Karl was advised by his regiment to contact TRBL who then referred him to CivvyStreet and he was then advised of the Employment Support Grant Scheme, he then submitted an application for funding for the Articulated Dumper Truck course and once awarded completed the course and gained the CPCS Articulated Dumper Truck qualification.

Karl has not yet secured employment as he was living in Cheshire and wanted to move back to Leicester to be near his children, the Royal British Legion have supported Karl and have now found him a home in Leicester so he can visit his children and start to get his life back on track, and he is hoping to secure employment in the next few weeks.

Karl says being  referred to CivvyStreet was the best thing that he could of done as without the funding he would not have been able to source the funding himself to gain the qualification he wanted, and he is hoping to enhance his qualifications in the near future and gain the Excavator qualification to earn an even better salary.

Karl has already suggested to friends and colleagues to register with CivvyStreet and to apply for funding and says he is very grateful for the help and support he has received from both CivvyStreet and The Royal British Legion.

Published: 2017-03-06
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