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Case Studies

James Taylor

James trained as a Personal Trainer but required additional support to help fund one year’s insurance and a uniform to get his employment started so he contacted CivvyStreet. The Gym had given him a deadline and CivvyStreet sorted this in time, without this funding he says he would not have been able to start at the Gym and would have been really stuck.

Luke Whitmore

Luke required funding for tools to enable him to stay in employment. Without the funding for his tools to carry out his daily work, his job would not be possible and he is delighted and grateful to be doing this work and his goal is to be running his own business in the next five years.

Jamie Hanlon

Jamie was already self-employed but without this funding he would not be able to be an Accreditor, which is the skill he requires.

Jamie says he would definitely recommend to his friends and colleagues to register with CivvyStreet and to use our services.

Andrew Gledhill

Andrew said that without this funding he would not have been able to gain this qualification or secure any employment, and he is so happy doing what he is doing now and compared to sales his salary has largely increased which means he can finally buy presents for his children for birthdays and Christmas which he has not been able to do for several years as his wages were just keeping him afloat.

Mark Darraugh

Mark was awarded funding for a Smart Meter Installation course, gaining the Gas Safety CCN1, Met 1 and CPA1 , which he has now completed. Mark started his employment on the 6th February 2017 with Amey. He said that without the funding he received it would have been almost impossible to source the money himself.

Michael Lamb

Michael applied for the Employment Support Grant and was awarded funding to complete the course and gain the A40 Slinger/Signaller qualification and this led him to secure employment within 3-4 weeks of finishing the course.

Karl Lambie

Karl says being referred to CivvyStreet was the best thing that he could of done as without the funding he would not have been able to source the funding himself to gain the qualification he wanted, and he is hoping to enhance his qualifications in the near future and gain the Excavator qualification to earn an even better salary.

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