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Employment Support Grant Scheme


This scheme is not for everyone and you should not apply for The Royal British Legion Employment Support Grant Scheme if you do not meet the eligibility criteria for this scheme. Also you can not apply for an award to pay for anything that is, or could be, financed by statutory employment support programs or available publicly funded or sponsored employment, educational, or skills training loans or grants.

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Types of awards available

The Royal British Legion Employment Support Grant Scheme consists of following types of awards:

  • Skills development training fees & bursary awards
  • Foundation/Access course fees and bursary awards
  • Vocational assessment
  • Employment startup, tools, clothing and equipment costs

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How it works

Shown below are the steps of The Royal British Legion Employment Support Grant Scheme application process.

Step One - Employment Needs Assessment

Your application along with all requested supporting evidence, will be assessed by the CivvyStreet assessment team.

Step Two - Financial Needs Assessment

Subject to you meeting the eligibility criteria and a training/employment need being identified, we will request a Royal British Legion case worker visit you to identify a financial need.

Step Three - Financial Award

If a financial need is identified to support a training/employment need. An award will be made which will be paid directly to the training provider/supplier.

Step Four - Follow-up Quality Outcome

CivvyStreet will contact you from time to time for up to 18 months after an award is made to see how you are getting on in your new employment and for feedback on the service you received. Your views are important to us and will enable us to provide the best service to the serving and ex service community.

How to apply

The Employment Support Grant Scheme is only available to eligible persons who complete a full application form.

The application form can be completed online or you could contact our helpline at 0800 009 8015 if you would like to submit your application by post.

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