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Routes to Industry

Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor

If you are keen on health and fitness and you would enjoy working with a variety of different people, this job could be ideal for you. Personal trainers help their clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals.
Find out more about becoming a Personal Trainer

HGV Driver

Large goods vehicle (LGV) drivers, also known as HGV drivers, transport and deliver goods between suppliers and customers. They work from depots, distribution centres and warehouses, and carry goods all over the UK and overseas.
Find our more about becoming a HGV Driver


As a rail track maintenance worker, you would help repair and maintain the railways, tunnels, bridges and trackside equipment that makes up the country's rail network.
Find out more about becoming a Railway Maintenance Worker

Door Supervisor

Door supervisors, sometimes known as door stewards or informally as bouncers, are responsible for the security of customers and staff in pubs, bars, nightclubs (and other licensed premises) and public events. They keep order and make sure that people are safe.
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Security Guard/ Officer

If you are keen on safety and security this job could be perfect for you. Security officers make sure that buildings, valuables or people are safe and secure. They help prevent theft and damage. They also deal with emergencies.
Find out more about becoming a Security Guard

Delivery Driver/Courier

If you enjoy driving and like being out and about, this job could be ideal for you. As a delivery van driver you would collect goods and deliver them to customers. You could deliver a wide range of items, for example supermarket shopping orders, furniture, domestic appliances or company wages.
Find out more about becoming a Delivery Driver

Offshore Laborer

Roustabouts and roughnecks are part of the team that works on offshore facilities such as oil and gas rigs and drilling platforms. If you want a practical job in the offshore industry, this could be ideal for you.

In this job you would need to be willing to live away from home. You would need to work well as part of a team. You would also need to be physically fit.
Find out more about becoming an Offshore Laborer

Telecoms Technician

As a telecommunications technician you would install, test and repair communications and data communications systems, such as:

  • fixed-line and mobile telephony networks
  • copper wire and fibre-optic cabling
  • analogue and digital satellite systems
  • wireless radio networks providing internet access via PCs, mobile phones and PDAs

Find out more about becoming a Telecoms Technician

Health and Safety Adviser

As a health and safety adviser or officer, you would use your knowledge and skills to reduce injuries, accidents and health problems in the workplace. If you have an eye for detail and love problem solving, this could be the ideal job for you.
Find out more about becoming a health and Safety Adviser

Demolition/Asbestos Removal

If you have a head for heights, and would like a job taking down buildings safely, this could be ideal for you.  As a demolition operative you would demolish or dismantle old and derelict structures or buildings.
Find out more about Demolition/Asbestos removal 

Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

Driving instructors teach people how to drive safely. They also help them to develop the skills they need to pass their driving test. If you love driving and like helping people develop new skills, this could be just the job you are looking for.
Find out more about becoming a Driving Instructor


If you are good with practical work, this could be a great career for you. As an electrician you would fit and repair electrical circuits and wiring. This would be in people’s homes or businesses.
Find out more about becoming an Electrician


If you enjoy doing practical things and you want a skill that you can use in different ways, this could be perfect for you. As a plumber you would fit, service and repair water pipes and heating systems in homes and businesses.
Find out more about becoming a Plumber 

Gas Engineer

As a gas network engineer or operative, you would install and maintain the pipelines that supply homes and businesses with gas. You may also be known as a service layer or mains layer, depending on the size of the pipes you worked with.
Find out more about becoming a Gas Engineer

Plant Operator

Construction plant operators work with machinery and equipment used on building sites. You could also work on construction sites. If you enjoy using large machinery and you like being outdoors, this could be a great job for you.
Find out more about becoming a Plant Operator

Close Protection Officer/Bodyguard

Bodyguards, also known as close protection officers (CPOs), protect individuals or groups from risk of violence or kidnapping. They also protect people from any situation that could be harmful to them. This is a challenging and responsible job.
Find out more about becoming a Bodyguard 


If you enjoy hairstyling and like meeting different people, this could be the perfect job for you. Hairdressers cut, colour and shape clients' hair to create the look they want.
Find out more about becoming a Hairdresser

Beauty Therapist

If you love the idea of making people feel good and look their best, a job as a beauty therapist could be perfect for you.
Find out more about becoming a Beauty Therapist


If you love children and like the idea of working from home, this could be perfect for you. Childminders look after children in their own home, whilst the children's parents are at work or studying. They could look after babies and children under five during the day, or older children after school and in the school holidays.
Find out more about becoming a Childminder

Teaching Assistant

If you enjoy working with children and would like to play a part in their education and well being, a job as a teaching assistant could be ideal for you.
Find out more about becoming a Teaching Assistant 

Administrative Assistant 

If you enjoy keeping things in order and like being part of a team, this job could suit you perfectly. As an administrative assistant, you would be making sure that day-to-day office tasks run smoothly. So it’s important that you are organised, accurate and pay close attention to detail.
Find out mora bout becoming an Administrative Assistant

Customer Service

If you're a good communicator and enjoy helping people, this could be an ideal job for you.

As a customer service assistant or adviser, you would deal with customer inquiries and any complaints. You would often be a customer's first point of contact with the company you work for.
Find out more about a career in Customer Service 

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