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Prison Officers

Job Category:  Public Sector
Salary Range: £27,6992
Location: South East - Aylesbury
Job Type: Permanent

HMYOI Aylesbury

Job Description

Working in a prison is not for everyone, but if you are one of the few with the right blend of skills and qualities, it is a secure and very rewarding career. Day to day, you will help to create a safe and secure environment where rehabilitation is supported and encouraged.

In return, you will receive great training, excellent benefits and the chance to change lives for the better.


The overall responsibility is supervising and managing prisoners decently, lawfully, safely and securely, ensuring that the routines of the prison operate effectively. This is not your normal 9am to 5pm role, and you will be required to manage and be able to deal with a range of responsibilities, and could be, but not limited to:

• Conducting searches on prisoners, staff and visitors
• Responding to and effectively managing a range of incidents as ‘first on the scene’ and back up support
• Keeping detailed records on centralised systems and completing timely reports, to include updating and writing prisoner reports
• Following national and local regulations and policies
• Building and maintaining strong professional relationships with your colleagues and prisoners
• Supporting prisoners to achieve their rehabilitation goals
• Advising and counselling prisoners and ensuring they are aware/have access to professional help if needed
• Be aware of prisoners’ rights, dignity and personal responsibility
• Dealing with prisoners from a diverse background or religion, and those who come with their problems i.e. drug dependant, mental health issues, etc.
• Working as a team to provide constant and consistent support to the prisoners

Skills & Behaviours

The role of a Prison Officer requires a whole variety of skills and attributes to fulfil this role, and vary from:

• Personal integrity, resilience and patience
• Assertiveness and self-motivation
• Physical stamina
• Self-confidence and emotional intelligence
• Organised, work methodically with attention to detail
• Potential for leadership and ability to take responsibility
• Excellent communication and people skills
• Ability to think on your feet and make quick effective decisions
• Deal effectively with unexpected situations
• Demonstrate understanding without compromising the role

Working Hours

The role will require a Prison Officer to work shifts, and will include early days, late nights, weekends and bank holidays. You can be contracted to 37, 39 or 41 hours per week. Overtime will be available.

How to apply for this job

You must be a registered member of Civvy Street to apply for this job vacancy.

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