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If you get an interview for a job, you have done well and met some or all of the essential/desirable criteria for the post. You may equally have presented a mix of skills, qualifications, experience or transferable skills which the interviewer would like to explore further.

You need to prepare for your interview by researching the job, the organisation and the employment sector, so that you are prepared for the interviewer’s questions.

Take a critical look at your application. Are there any weaknesses or gaps that you will need to explain further.

There may be points that you particularly want to get across, so prepare how you are going to say them. It is up to you to demonstrate how your experience in the Services relates to the experience required in a civilian post. Look closely at the person specification and consider how you can evidence your relevant skills and experiences.

You probably have questions about the job, so prepare them in advance as well.

Finally, think what you are going to wear for the interview – you need to be smart and presentable, so that you make a good first impression.

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