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How to use the CV Builder

You can work through the CV Builder at your own pace, adding the sections as you go. You don't have to create your CV in one session -  you can click 'Save' at any point and return to it later.

You may create and store an unlimited number of CVs on Civvy Street. You may also upload as many CVs as you wish.

Your contact details, education details, employment details and skills are stored in your profile and will be used in every CV. The CV profile, interests and referees may be specific to each CV.

You may select any CV to be visible to Civvy Street employers who are trying to fill their job vacancies. (This can be a CV you have created  using the Civvy Street CV Builder or one you have uploaded from your PC.)

Personal Profile

Use the personal profile to sell yourself to an employer. This is the first thing the employer sees so this is where you need to make a strong impression. Describe what you are good at, the things you have achieved and what you want to do next.

You should tailor your personal profile for each job you apply for, so that the most relevant information for that job comes first.


You can enter as many separate schools, colleges or other educational establishments as you wish.

Work Experience

Enter as many periods of employment as you wish. Remember, however, that employers will be mainly interested in what you've been doing recently.

If you are a Service leaver, remember that civilian employers won't understand military terminology - so you'll have to describe what you did in civilian terms. (For instance, a quartermaster is someone who is skilled in logistics in the civilian world.)

You don't have to enter the work experiences in any particular order as the CV Builder will always put the most recent job first. Fill in the details for a particular job or placement and then decide if you want to add more.

Skill Areas

These are areas of expertise that you may have. They reflect industries or sectors where you may have worked. They won't show up on your CV but they will be used by recruiters and employers who have access to the online CVs. 

Tick any box which relates to an area you have skills in.

Locations/Where you want to work

Indicate where you would be willing to work. For instance, which area/s you want to work in, how far you are prepared to travel to work every day and if your are willing to relocate. This information will not appear on your CV but will be used by recruiters and employers who have access to the online CVs.


Employers are always interested in what interests you. A wide range of interests outside the workplace indicates that you are an enthusiastic person and someone they might like to work with.


Enter the names and contact details of two people who can vouch for you. One should be your former employer and the other can be either another employer or someone who knows you well. You shouldn't put down a member of your family.

If you don't want the employer to contact the referee without your permission uncheck the 'Contact Referee' box.

Start using CV Builder.

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