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Finding a job in CivvyStreet

There are many different sources of support you can draw on in your job search.

They broadly fall into the following categories:

  •  Organisations with links to the Armed Forces
  •  JobCentre Plus 
  •  Job search web sites
  •  Recruitment agencies
  •  Networking – friends, relatives, contacts and speculative enquiries

Job vacancies are advertised in a wide range of places from local and national newspapers to specialist magazines and professional journals.  So you first need to know what sort of vacancy you are looking for and where such vacancies will be advertised.  Make sure that you have the qualifications, skills and experience demanded for these vacancies or you will be wasting your time making unrealistic applications.

Always keep a record of the job advert and your application, so that you can remind yourself of what you said in your application if you get an interview.

Many jobs are not advertised at all and you may hear about them through friends and family or professional contacts.  Even if they are temporary posts, you could be gaining experience that will help you make the transition to a permanent post in due course.

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