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Disability and Medical Discharge

Medical discharge can be a stressful time, affecting your finances, housing and family and is the start of a new way of life outside the Armed Forces. If you are medically discharged you may have as little as 90 days to complete resettlement, so careful planning is essential.

The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) has been set up between the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Right Management Consultants to make your transition from military to civilian life as smooth as possible. The CTP's consultants specialise in medical discharges and will make contact with you as soon as they receive MoD Form 1173 or get a call from your unit. 

You are entitled to register with CTP and use their services before discharge and for up to two years after. Under MOD rules, anyone leaving the Armed Forces under medical discharge is eligible for the full support programme from CTP, regardless of time served.  In certain circumstances this entitlement can be transferred to your spouse.  For more information see the links on this page.

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