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Individual Circumstances

When you leave the Armed Forces you may face specific challenges in CivvyStreet depending on your personal situation.

These may include:

  • Disability
  • Offending
  • Being a carer
  • Being a lone parent

There are many specialised organisations which can support you to cope with and reduce these challenges, so that you can access job opportunities that suit you.

The pages below and website links are a good place to start.

If you provide unpaid care for someone because of their disability, age or inability to manage in the house alone, you are a carer.  As a carer you can access support to services and finance.
The website links on this page have lots of information about support available to you such as respite care, transport and benefits.

If you are a lone parent, there is a wide range of government and voluntary organisations that can offer you support.

If you are also unemployed, Job Centre Plus can offer you information and advice about job vacancies and benefits.

Please use the website links to find out more.

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